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Official Gorillaz sites
Kong Studios
Official fan Site
Official forums
Official Japanese site
Official French site
Official Finnish site
Dr. Wurzel's Surgery

Fan sites
Gorillaz Bis Pez
Fade's Gorillaz fansite
Veikko's Blur Page (Gorillaz/Damon)

Fan art
Reality Is A State Of Mind)
Bananaca (Lora's site)
Schneeflocke's gorillaz gallery
Way Too Addicted
Fade's Gorillaz fanart collection
Raziel's Gorillaz gallery

Fun Gorillaz sites - directory HERE
Old Kong Studios (Phase 1 site)
Abandoned Kong Studios (Phase 1.5)
Geep Sim
Noodlefight game
Zombie Kong official game
Spacemonkeyz Radio