The question "Who are the Gorillaz?" has only one answer. And that is, "2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel". Those are the only current members of the band Gorillaz, such as it exists. If you want to read their official member biographies, official band biographies, as well as Jamie Hewlett's comments on them, and a few thoughts of my own, then you should click the 'read biographies of The Gorillaz and band members'.

Of course, anyone with the capacity to distinguish between people of flesh and blood and cartoons realises that cartoons do not exist in the same way as you or I; a cartoon band needs animators, musicians to write and perform the music attributed to them, etc. That said, not everyone cares about the people behind the Gorillaz. If you are content to just enjoy the band the way it was intended, then you need read no further. However others are interested in how, and by whom, this spectacle has been brought into the world. The second section of the biography is dedicated to those 'real' people who bring Gorillaz to life through music, animation and interview, and also includes a history of the project.

The third section of this biography is dedicated to the various media through which the Gorillaz project (as described in the previous paragraph) has been advanced to date.

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Biographies of the band, and of the band members
Biographies of the project, the creators and contributors to the Gorillaz project
Summary of the media in which the Gorillaz project has been presented