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Gorilaz-Unofficial is an unofficial fan website that aims to bring you the very latest in Gorillaz news as it appears around the web, in the media and on the Gorillaz forums. The news is sent in by fans from all around the world and we aim to cover absolutely everything Gorillaz, as soon as it happens! There is a comprehensive news archive dating back to January 1st 2003.You can receive news updates automatically by signing up to either our Livejournal or RSS news feeds... see those sections in the main site menu for further details.
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Want to discuss absolutely anything about Gorillaz, with fans from all over the globe? Share your opinions, ask questions on albums new and old, art, storylines or whatever you fancy on the Gorillaz-Unofficial Forums here. If you want to chat in real-time we also have a chat though people only tend to visit at certain times of the day.

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While you're here, be sure to check out some of the site resources. There is the most comprehensive discography on the web, which covers all Gorillaz commercial and promotional releases. You can read all the Gorillaz lyrics and other information about all the Gorillaz songs in the unrivaled songs guide. If you want to get educated on the Gorillaz project, or get to know the band members a bit better, the biography section is probably the best place to start - here you will find information on all the Gorillaz as well as their creators and the people who bring them to your screen, stereo and local concert venue. When you're done here, your Gorillaz web voyage has only just begun! Check out the links section for details on many other excellent Gorillaz websites, both official and unofficial. If you want to talk Gorillaz, check out our excellent fan forums or chat room! We have a new rare mp3 downloadable each month in the downloads section, and you can vote for which rare Gorillaz song you want to appear next!

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Gorillaz-Unofficial.com has now been constantly updated since its launch in 2004 We have over tens of thousands of unique readers visiting the site each month now, and have received millions of visits since launch. We're lucky enough to count members of Zombie Flesh Eaters, Gorillaz' management, EMI, Passion Pictures and Gorillaz artistic teams amongst our regular visitors. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have both kindly granted interviews to the site in the past and have been very supportive.

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People who contribute with images and other stuff will end up in the following list if you're not getting credit on the page itself. People who help out with a news story, will be credited in the news item itself.

A special thanks to:
David Tseng - inspiration for the concept of Gorillaz-Unofficial
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Just some chick - #1 site supporter!! original logo, article contributions, and more help and encouragement than can be mentioned here!
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